"It was an enormous pleasure working with Mykel on The Business Romantic Oz Tour 2017. He organised marquee events in Melbourne and Sydney as well as several workshops and dinners and he also orchestrated and ran the entire marketing campaign for the tour. His passion, perseverance and marketing smarts were instrumental in making the tour a huge success. Aside from him being a comersurate professional, Mykel is a true business visionary. He not only thought of and wrote about Artisan Thinking long before business mainstream took notice, he embodies it with passion and rigour.

I have never met someone who switches so easily between artistic vision and practical value, strategic foresight and hands-on delivery, boardroom and rock 'n roll. He is an exceptional, witty and entertaining speaker, host, moderator, experience designer and performer while also being a highly collaborative and empathic team player. Mykel is the real deal. If you want your business or leadership to be 'radically human', not hiring him would be a radical mistake."

Tim Leberecht, International best selling author, 3 x TED speaker, global thought leader.


"After seeing Mykel speak and being blown away by his originality, I knew he was the perfect guy to help me with the 2016 Australian Open Rally. This is the biggest team event on our calendar and we needed it to be bold, audacious and thought provoking. If you need someone fresh to help you create something different, then he’s your man.

Mykel was so easy to work with. Always happy to come in and work with the team prior to the event. And the way he weaved live music throughout his presentation was just brilliant. It gave our event an edge and our audience something they’ve never seen before. It was awesome. He is awesome. If you want your event to be awesome, then just hire him and enjoy the magic."

Jaquie Scammell - Director of Customer Relations, Tennis Australia


"Thanks to Mykel's mentoring, we created something more bold, daring and uniquely differentiated than I ever could have made myself. The resulting videos, audio branding and the confidence I have in my collaterals has already translated into more sales. But the most valuable thing was the mentoring.

The Artisan thinking Mykel brings to unlock brand results that feel effortless. If you need to refresh your personal branding - but know that it needs to stay fresh, savvy, unique and differentiated - it's no secret that I highly recommend Mykel Dixon."

Dr Jason Fox, Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker Of The Year 2016


Mykel performed Master of Ceremonies duties at an event that I convened this month. The event brought together over 100 social change makers and Mykel was in his element! He exuded energy and compassion and played a pivotal role in shaping the experience of all of the attendees throughout a long, emotional and inspiring day. We could not have created such a memorable experience without him. Thank you Mykel!

Sam Yorke - Senior Executive, Google / Youtube Australia

"Poetic cultural truths that light up a room. Words collide with art and the result is something special. This man doesn't speak at you, he takes you on a journey of passionate expression that inspires you, challenges you and elevates your soul.

Creative genius, master of engagement and the real deal. What really stands out for me though is this mans passion to see others be great and do great things. I always look forward to a conference with him in it. Audiences around the world (and me) love him and I know you will too.

Dare to be different and prepare to be amazed. Ladies & gentlemen, Mr Mykel Dixon."

Ben Nicholson, People & Culture Suncorp Group