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A mentoring program for mavericks


Unleash your Artistry

The Art of You mentoring program is designed for Experts, Executives & Entrepreneurs seeking an edge. This fully-immersive & experiential program gives you the tools to activate, articulate and amplify your unique, creative & authentic advantage, resulting in more impact, income & influence.

This is a mentoring program for the mavericks & misfits, rebels & renegades, outliers and originals who want to make more money, more impact and more art. 

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This program is for you if...

You're ready to take your brand & career to the next level. 

You want your work to be original, magnetic & irreplaceable. 

You’re in transition, seeking the next great masterpiece. 

You’ve lost your mojo and desperately require fresh, meaningful, sustainable inspiration.

You know there's something else to you, but don't know how to bring it out, or how to leverage it professionally.

You're tired of the usual tips n tricks and want a program to level up that actually makes the difference.

You want to get your hands dirty, get a little uncomfortable and get results!

Previous clients report these benefits

Deep sense of direction & clarity of purpose.

An authentic, differentiated and magnetic market position.

Previously unseen opportunities for career acceleration.

Effortless creative confidence & unbridled self expression.

Courage to make & share work without fear of judgement.

A brand & career strategy & collaterals that are aligned to values.

Swagger, charisma and conviction to be your all of you, all of the time.

What they say


"Thanks to Mykel's mentoring, we created something more bold, daring and uniquely differentiated than I ever could have made myself. The resulting confidence I have in my collaterals has already translated into more sales. But the most valuable thing was the mentoring. The Artisan thinking Mykel brings to unlock brand results that feel effortless. If you need to refresh your personal, event or team branding - but know that it needs to stay fresh, savvy, unique and differen?ated - it's no secret that I highly recommend Mykel Dixon.”

– Dr Jason Fox, Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker Of The Year 2016


“I engaged Mykel to help me delve into and articulate my personal brand and positioning. Mykel is a creative genius. He has an amazing way with words and is able to bring ideas together in a unique proposition. He has a great depth of understanding, compassion and humility that make him a joy to work with. I'd highly recommend him.”

– Michael Gibbings - Change & Leadership Expert, Media Commentator, Author


“Mykel is a genius in connecting you to your own brilliance. I hired Mykel to help me tease out my brand, my 'edge' as a thought leader. In doing so, he was an unequivocal champion for me as a human being (the secret to 'brand', by the way). Mykel shows you how to give yourself permission to be REAL - no excuses, no barriers, no hesitation. My work quality, influence, and confidence definitely went up a level after working with Mykel. Everyone needs Mykel's secret sauce!”

– Zoe Routh - Speaker, Author, Leadership Expert & Adventurist


“Mykel's the kind of guy who will get you to pause and really reflect on what you're really about: what you stand for, what defines you, what you represent. Knowing your purpose, articulating it and standing in it with absolute conviction is the key ingredient to any kind of leadership, because it sits at the heart of mobilising others. This is where Mykel will make a real difference to your own leadership and brand. ”

Simon Dowling - Author, Leadership Advisor Improv Theatre Guru


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*Due to my speaking, consulting & creative work, places are limited to 5 mentoring clients at any one time. To check availability and ensure a start date that best suits you, shoot through an email as soon as you can and we can explore our options.*

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