learning experiences

Mykel Dixon - Enterprise Artistry

Creative Leadership

Developing the next generation of high performing creative leaders within your organisation.

organisational Development

Custom designed, fully immersive learning experiences to transform drive entire cultures.

Radical Teams

Unleashing innovative, inclusive and agile teams fit for the future of work.

The Enterprise Artistry program suite are designed to drive immediate and ongoing ROI for your company by building High-Performance Creative Leaders and cultivating Innovative, Inclusive and agile Teams

We give people the tools to reimagine their creative capability, embrace and confront a world of accelerating complexity while generating more value for the company by learning how nurture the creative growth in others. 


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Whenever I need to shake things up and get my people thinking outside the box, I head straight to Mykel Dixon. His content is the real, relevant and rock solid but when he delivers it with the band, he's untouchable. 

– David Lawson, Head of Organisation Development, Bayer Australia

Easily the best day I've ever experienced and for so many reasons. I'm excited and inspired to have the opportunity to learn from this extraordinary artist, author and thinking performer.

– Leisa Hart, Head of Organisational Change, Unisuper