Why Romance Will Save Us

Life is inherently romantic.

Rich in sensory experience,

visceral by design,

laced with serendipity,

infused with enchantment.


Full of drama that yearns

to be played,

to be felt,

to be given away.


Every moment,

every meeting,

every everything.




Why should work be any different?


The drive to optimise every inch

of our workplace experience

is surely done.


With scientific eyes,

we've let the natural world,

inspire & inform our business thinking.


We've looked deep into the essence of existence,

repurposed the organic blueprint,

for exponentially outstanding results.


We've learned that our return,

to who we've always been

is always the best 'innovation'. 


But there is more.

There is a final frontier.

And all our worlds are pulling us toward it.


It's been the stuff that gets laughed,

or locked out of the boardroom.

It's the stuff that 'sounds great in theory',

but is hard to sell to the stakeholders.


It's the stuff that actually makes the difference,

but oh so few of us are willing,

to witness it

to name it,

to own it,

to be it.


It's the romance.


The beauty of being,

the deliciousness of our days,

the spontaneous flickers of intimacy,

between colleagues,

between strangers.


It's everything we are anyway.

Even when we're trying so hard not to be.


As our lives become more digital,

more sanitised and impersonal,

as we seek to measure, automate & scale

every whisper of our experience,

something meaningful

yet unquantifiable is lost.

But now,

it's time to bring it back. 

It gives me great pleasure to announce, in partnership with Talking SticksThe Business Romantic 2017 Oz Tour.

A one-day conference for the brave exploring the radical humanisation of the workplace.

Featuring the international best-selling author of The Business Romantic, 3 x time TED speaker & strategic advisor to the world's biggest brands, Tim Leberecht.

Designed for conscious, influential & innovative business leaders looking to build beautiful organisations and create meaningful work.

March 27th 2017, Sydney + March 31st 2017, Melbourne

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