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The Art of everything

In an age of experts, embodiment is everything.

The Art of Everything is a 5 year creative project to explore, embody & express the essence of Artistry in my work and life.

Every week (for 5 years) I'll produce & post a piece of content that illuminates the insights I've experienced with an intent to awaken, inspire & empower your own creative recovery.

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Notes from the bottom line

Business content, delivered differently.

Filmed over a bottle of wine and a baby grand piano, "Notes From the Bottom Line" is a conversational space to explore the intersection of Art, Business & Life with some of the world's leading creative, entrepreneurial and intellectual minds. 

Designed to be emergent and emotive, this is business content delivered differently.


20 days of authentic personal branding

#5ometimes is a series of short films intended to inspire a new approach to personal & professional branding in the 21st Century. 

Pithy, poetic and pink, these short musings on identity and influence serve bite-sized chunks of insight to bring more authenticity, inclusivity and artistry to your personal brand. 

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The Cultural Architect

designing cultures that thrive, in uncertain times.

The Cultural Architect is a series of 6 videos introducing a new organisational archetype built for the modern business landscape. 

Learn about the 5 unique characteristics of a Cultural Architect, why they are fast becoming an essential ingredient for the contemporary workplace and how you can become, identify and develop one within your organisation. 

Miscellaneous Myke

Everything else

There's a truckload of creative content I've produced through the years that lives on my Vimeo and YouTube channels.

Live gigs, poetry readings, spoken word resumes, travel vlogs, interviews, and more. 

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